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Because, Reason

Sam, Becky, and Becca talk about some reasonable moves by the Australian government regarding vaccines, some unreasonable actions taken by a Catholic school against a child battling cancer, and the American Humanist Association’s about the National Day of Reason with legislative associate Matthew Bulger. Also: Sam is a clone.


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I really enjoy your show and have been listening to the podcast version for 3 years. I am a resident in Nebraska, I am currently listening to the May 3 episode. First time posting anything. I’m a college student in Computer Science and became an atheist midway through highschool. I completed 12 years in the Catholic School system. In my third grade year I was gone for almost the entire year undergoing Surgery and rehab in St. Jude’s for a Brain Tumor as well as continuing surgeries over the next two years and side effects there after. The school despite… Read more »

Becky Friedman

Thanks for your comments, and congrats on your recovery! My disapproval stems from a child having no legal right to educational services in a private school environment (religious or non-sectarian). I even expressed on air that if the school had worked with the family to have the child repeat a grade in order to acquire knowledge and skills to be prepared for the next grade, that’s one thing. However, as I believe Sam and Becca pointed out, the decision to expel a vulnerable child from her community hardly supports a claim that religious institutions are bastions of morality. Public schools… Read more »

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