Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Johnathan Arriola

Yay! It is pleasing to hear Mike on the show again. Especially when y’all Alice the topic. Most of the time the format moves through a decent clip to cover the number of subjects. But when you guys get down the rabbit hole on a particular subject those are fun. Especially when there is a disagreement with your panel. Particularly Mike. Because one, it seems like he likes to disagree so he isn’t usually shocked when it happens. And two he is fun to argue with and keep its light. Love the show.


It is fraud if you say you are providing a skill that you aren’t. Okay – but that includes all psychics and astrologers. They aren’t providing “entertainment” to their true-believing customers. They are making untrue claims and receiving money on the premise that those claims are true: – I talk to the dead (no, you don’t) – My advice is based on a relationship between the positions of stars and planets on the one hand and your personal life on the other (there is no such relationship) – I see things in my head that have to do with your… Read more »

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