Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Edo Bosnar

The comedian you mentioned who told kids to rifle through their parents’ wallets and send him the money was Soupy Sales. It happened on New Year’s Day in 1965 because he was pissed over having to work on the holiday (he hosted a kid’s show). His Wikipedia entry actually has a nice summary of the whole thing.

Edo Bosnar

Hmm, tried to post a comment here the other day and it apparently didn’t take. Anyway, just wanted to point out that the guy you mentioned who told kids to take money out of their parents’ wallets and send it to him was comedian Soupy Sales – the Wikipedia entry on him has a summary of the incident (from 1965).

Edo Bosnar

Oh wait, and now that I posted the second comment, the first one appeared. Sorry for the double comments – some kind of browser fail on my end, apparently…

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