Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Jeffrey Paul Bradt

Hi. I wish I could see on the title of the episode (this one is 23.3) the date of broadcast. These things are on the internet where we are pulling them up after the fact, and I’m sure others as well as I want to know how current– and thus how relevant– are the broadcasts we’re listening to. Will the administrator(s) of this site/broadcast, or whoever is capable of doing so, please add the date to the title of each broadcast so that it is printed on any site to which the cast is posted? Thank you very much for… Read more »

Sam Mulvey

While it is all there at the top of this post, it’s not exactly obvious. I’m working on a new revision to the site skin to work the new logo into it. I’ll make sure to make those more prominent.

I don’t get a lot of comments like these, and I can really use them. Thanks!


Did Dan look into the differences between wood stoves? I know here in Norway there are older wood stoves you’re not allowed to install anymore, i.e. an old stove that’s moved is not going to be used again. But I don’t know how much room for improvement there is in wood burning tech (this article in Norwegian says “up to” 86% reduction of particulates; ). I live in a house with one old and one relatively new stove, and I can tell the difference in influence on the indoor climate from each one, presumably because the older doesn’t quite… Read more »


On the topic of wood stoves, my parents recently bought one and my father, being as environmentally concious as he is chose it specifically because it had lower carbon emission and better cost effectiveness. Admittedly it’s not your average log burning stove, instead it burns wood pellets which are automatically added and funneled into a combustion vessel, so I can imagine this might be quite different from regular wood stoves in more than just that respect. I don’t have the evidence to back anything up but I’m not one to make the choice either.


On the topic of ‘decimate’: The story I had always heard was that if a unit in the Roman Army showed cowardice in battle. The entire unit would be lined up and the leader would walk down the line, counting each soldier. “1,2,3….9,10” repeating until finished with the whole unit. Then each soldier #10 was told to step forward, and was then killed.

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