Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Lewis Foerster

To be glad that Justice Scalia is no longer on the Supreme Court, I can understand. But to be glad he’s dead I believe is at the very least in bad taste. Just because you have philosophical differences with any person is no reason to be glad that individual is dead! Your comments were in my opinion immoral and in bad taste.

Sam Mulvey

When I have comments that are immoral and in bad taste, no one is deprived of rights.

Such was not true of Scalia, and therein lies the problem.

Richard Rosario

The speak no ill of the dead is just an absurd superstition. Are you glad Hitler is dead?

James Smith

Christians, that should be happy that someone is “in a better place” or “in the arms of jesus” are the most upset by death, even one that relieves the suffering of serious illness or the ravages of extreme age.

That seems more hypocrisy to me. But theists are by nature hypocritical.

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