Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Mad Lib Laws

As it happens, Sam's baptismal name is "Grandpa Winner." Image care of @thepunningman, and if Dan hasn't followed, I'd be surprised.

As it happens, Sam’s baptismal name is “Grandpa Winner.” Image care of @thepunningman, and if Dan hasn’t followed, I’d be surprised.

Dave,  Tyson, and Sam (baptismal name: “Grandpa Winner”) discuss state laws designed to destroy high school sports in the name of winning an imaginary religious war.   Also,  mental health.    There are show notes referred to in the episode after the cut.

In the episode, Sam said he’d post two videos about people leaving Scientology.  Both of these videos are from Mark Bunker, known to 2008-era anons as “Wise Beard Man” and interviewed by us back in 2012. Here they are:

This is a video protesting two weeks after leaving Scientology.

Scientology is known for having a language unto itself.   In both of these videos, these are people recently out of Scientology, and to me the language stands out.

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Matt from Nebraska

My dad used to run a construction company, after getting stiffed on the remodel of a 90 yr old womans flower shop he quit , and its a tough field when your doing small work(a few thousand dollars). It’s not always possible to get work with a contract guaranteeing payment and even when you have the contract the cost of hiring a lawyer to enforce your contract could very well bankrupt you. In the case of the construction company accepting prayers I think they were caught between a rock and a hard place. Accept half the payment or sue the… Read more »

James S A Brown, III

HEY! Quit hatin’ on my state! 🙂 Yes, the state of Tennessee is a bastion of conservative insanity, but get a map: Nashville and Memphis are bright blue dots on the state (Nashville has a liberal woman mayor and two out gay city council members). They aren’t small towns, either, each having a population of about 660K. As a comparison, Seattle’s population is… about 660K. Then there’s Chattanooga and Knoxville, both university towns with populations of about 175K. I personally know a gay atheist counselor in Knoxville. Finally, there’s Johnson City, a university town with a medical school, sporting a… Read more »

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