Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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And on the 91 Billionth Day…

Sam asks Dan and Dave about Washington’s emerging atheist political involvement trend, Dan explains resurrection FOR SCIENCE!, and Becky chimes in on a podcast-only 4th segment.

The article Dave was talking about regarding the school accepting grant money for computers but not allowing their students on the internet is available here.

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Are you serious about the 4k for 4 months figure? Are those your operating costs? Or what you currently make from ads? I’m happy for you to have your operating costs covered, but I almost wondered if I had written you a drunken email. Except I don’t drink. I do hate ads, though. I nearly always skip them. And I can guarantee none of your advertisers have made money off of me. Maybe it helps that I’m not US, but my only conscious relationship with paid advertising is aversion and avoidance. I want to decide what I use my time… Read more »


I’m in Ontario Canada. The probability I will ever patronize your advertisers is almost zero – the only likely candidate is the real estate guy in Alberta.

I am not in a position to donate so if listening to a few ads is what it takes to help keep you on the air fighting the good fight – then so be it and I am not going to bitch about it. Besides – I rather like hearing about Timmy and his encounters with the devil (who is not real). 😉

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