Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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The War on Taking a Dump

After Sam brings up kosher lettuce, Dan questions Becky over how the Hebrew Bible classifies insects; we ponder humanity’s obsession with defecation rituals, and laud a Colombian judge for halting sectarian municipal and school prayer.

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I think your response to Kim’s comment was actually wrong. In the context of “having conversations with atheists and theists,” there sort of is a definite “jerk line” that I’ve seen waaaaay too many atheists cross. Crossing the line consists in asserting what the other person believes without asking them or clarifying (because there are about as many different versions Christianity as there are people identifying as Christian)… this isn’t a unique rule for atheists, but it applies to us just as much as it does anyone else.

Alexander from Norway.

Good episode, but you need to get the cat back on the show.
I want to adress the last e-mail about when atheist can be jerks, and the first thing that popped into my head is Richard Dawkins. I don’t read any stuff he says abouth atheism, just his books on biology. I have heard that he can come off as kind of a jerk. Any familiarity with that?

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