Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Music for the Bad Fight

Becky, Sam, and Dave talk music and Pokemon; we also talk to Wade Kaardal about the upcoming Asian Humanism Conference in Taipei.


The press release for the conference is available here.

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People To Thank

Peggy’s Challenge:

  • Hara from Seattle
  • Ericka from Seattle
  • Paul from Mt. Rainier
  • Clint and Nick from The Internet
  • AAAAANNNND……Peggy from Kent, Washington


  • Johnathan from TDTF POD podcast
  • Secular Yakking podcast
  • Jeff from The Internet
  • Jan from The Internet
  • Mike from Mountain View, AL
  • Donovan from Mobile, AL
  • Robert from Phoenix, AZ
  • Huginn’s Heathen Hof from Mesa, AZ
  • Chris from Dallas, TX
  • Vegar from Norway
  • Paul from Norway
  • Kaleo from Tacoma
  • Lawrence from The Philippines
  • Eva from Baltimore
  • Stephan from Chicago
  • Mike from Radio vs. The Martians and Podcasta La Vista, Baby!
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Jeff Ciaccio

Can’t we do a direct download anymore from a smart phone?

Sam Mulvey

(I worked this out with the OP in email, but this is now fixed.)

Tim Branin

What’s hilarious about the Third Eye Blind story is that they’re not only booing science, but they’re demanding they play “Semi-Charmed Life” A song about Crystal Meth

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