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Rollercoasters And Metal

Sam, Becky, and Josh talk basketball, Puerto Rico, and roller coasters.



Peggy’s Challenge

  • Richard from Hawthorne, CA
  • David from The Internet


  • Johnathan from TDTF POD podcast
  • Secular Yakking podcast
  • Jeff from The Internet
  • Jan (Yahn) from The Internet
  • Scott from Madison
  • Mike from Mountain View, AL
  • Mike from Seattle
  • Donovan from Mobile, AL
  • Robert from Phoenix, AZ
  • Huginn’s Heathen Hof from Mesa, AZ
  • Chris from Dallas, TX
  • Melek from Switzerland
  • Vegar from Norway
  • Paul from Norway
  • Kaleo from Tacoma
  • Lawrence from The Philippines
  • Eva from Baltimore
  • Stephan from Chicago
  • Mike from Radio vs. The Martians and Podcasta La Vista, Baby!



Becky was correct when she said Ohio is a destination for theme parks. There are 2 major theme parks: Cedar Point and Kings Island, both of which are a destination for roller-coaster enthusiasts. The two parks feature at least 4 coasters that routinely appear on various top-10 lists, and 10 that appear on the top 50. There are also several other minor theme-parks. Sadly, there isn’t much else to do here. It’s a bit like a Phule’s Company novel around here, it’s that reference nerdy enough?
“Becky Was Right!”, Todd from Columbus

[The show two weeks ago] was a real emotional roller coaster for me as a long term podcast listener (I remember episode 1 of the TV show). I literally cried out ‘No!’ when I heard you were not going to be on the actual radio, because I know how much Sam loves radio.

But when I heard the reasons in the fourth segment I was just so happy for you guys. I love the show and I’m about as fond of you guys as it’s possible to be of people you don’t know in meatspace.

For whatever it’s worth you have a fan, a cheerleader and supporter in me. And now a patron, shortly.
Radio vs. Podcast, Dean from Paris Actual

For the comment regarding Mike’s post, see the link to the post above.

Radio Stuff

Here’s the link to KDX Radio, the Part 15 station Sam was talking about.   For more information about Microbroadcasting (a.k.a Part 15 radio, at least in the US) a good place to start is

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