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Art Destruction In Tacoma

This week, we talk to Anthony “Cable” Duenas and Shaun “Modem” Rankin, two mural artists in Tacoma who’s work has recently been painted over by religiously motivated people.   We also talk about Miss Cleo (again), and… swimwear.

If you would like to see the work of the artists we interviewed, you can check out “Modem_Oner” on Instagram, which might be available here.


We already linked to a Miss Cleo story.

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I think the armed police story has been overblown. French police are armed. So if you deal with police, you deal with armed police.


The sad part of the burkini ban is that for many of these women, this is the closest they have come to a more secular dress. They have the chance to experience a taste of freedom they have never known. It’s only one notch on the belt of total subjugation that keeps them bound and gagged but with a bit of tolerance, one notch can lead to two. All slippery slopes are not bad.

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