Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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An Illinois Mulvey in King Ham’s Court

Charlie Mulvey is a Chicago-area resident who hosts the B-sides podcast on Annex Radio. Yes, you heard that right–another Mulvey! He’s with to talk about a recent trek he made to Kentucky’s Creation Museum.    We also talk about getting raptured out of court, increased equality, and answer an email from a mermaid.

Here are some pictures from Charlie’s visit to the Creation Museum:

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I was wondering what atheists think is the end of human race i.e. who will be the last man. What will happen when all the people die, will the world still be here?
Asif from Karachi

[I] recently listened to your discussion of a UCC church in MA petitioning for an exemption to a Historical Commission designation for the installation of solar panels. You [all] came down clearly on the side of church since solar panels are good. I agree that solar panels are good, and that Historical Commissions can overreach. However, I will continue to disagree with the use of religious privilege. A private homeowner can’t appeal the historical designation based on their religious belief. I don’t think a church should be able to either, even if it is a clever use of privilege for a good purpose. Religious privilege is still privilege and I’m not going to condone it.
Scott from Madison, WI

Hey there. I noticed that Becky said she’d gotten into an argument with a Mermaid. Well…I kind of have something to say about that: I don’t remember an argument.

In all seriousness though: I work as a mermaid for entertainment of children. Frequently I get the question “Are you real?”. Of course for the illusion of the party I feel as though I should answer yes, but I have adopted the idea of asking them right back: “What do you think?” I’ve found that this seems to get the children to think, sometimes anyway.

I’m trying to secretly get kids to question even things they see right in front of their eyes. Because not everything you see is real. Obviously I can’t flat out tell a kid that they need to question everything, that’s not what I am there for. However, might you, or Becky, have any suggestions for key questions that get kids to start thinking about what they see?

(PS- Most kids say yes and leave it at that. Some say they don’t know, to which I’ll them why they are unsure. Typically it has to deal with them claiming my tail feels like rubber; it’s silicone.)
Athena from Venice, FL

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