Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Sam, miss you guys. Kids, work, excuses. You said, “no god.” Becky said, “No deities.” I suggest, “No gods.” I don’t believe in gods. (including theirs) This keeps it colloquial, but plural. I encourage secular people to refer to gods in the plural whenever possible. To refer to God continues to privilege the desert monotheisms that dominate so much of the world. The first step in helping people to question, devalue or at least accept diversity in religion is to acknowledge that humans have invented at least 3,000 gods in written history. The god of Abraham is as implausible to… Read more »

Sam Mulvey

I think forcing it plural makes a cultural point rather than the logical point I’m trying to make by sticking to the two word defintion, so I must disagree. Rather stridently, in fact. 😛

I’m trying to come up with a statement as close to “god = 0” in English. Saying “no gods” sounds more like “god < 2", which is clearly not what I intend.

In other other words, pluralizing it adds nuance to a definition that is designed to be stripped of as much nuance as possible. Outside of that context though, "gods" is a bit more fun.

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