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Let’s Dance!

This week, Tyson and Ranjan join Sam in a wide ranging discussion. We follow up our discussion from last week, talk about the similarities between students and prisoners, the importance of David Bowie in international politics, and hanging out in Twisp.

Here is a video of the border crossing Sam & Ranjan talk about. Here is appropriate music.





About last Sunday’s discussion about racist and racist adjacent, aren’t they both just racist? And, isn’t keeping the dialogue open with the racist adjacent already what has happened since the civil rights movement of the ’50’s? Then wouldn’t your proposal just be more of the same that has lead us to where we are today?
Jezebel Blue from Facebook

Hello Sam, Becky and crew!

I’m a long time listener to the podcast. I appreciate what you all provide each week and am pleased you are continuing the podcast!

Recently Okanogan county started public transportation, some busses named Trango. I’m not sure if you have ever been to the Methow Valley but living here for 9 years now, I was excited to see some public transportation option added to our community this last summer. Today while riding, my wife told me that the driver was blaring a Christian radio station. It would have been tolerable except today they happened to be talking about gays and how they are bad and should not be able to adopt because [of] abuse and well, god. My Wife, herself being married to a woman was understandably annoyed. Does the separation of church and state apply to our situation? Trango is paid for by the county. I don’t want to get anyone fired but the driver seems to love to “blare” the station and apparently today was not the first time that particular driver was listening to it.

Thanks again for all you do. If you ever find yourself in Twisp, stop by my studio and say hello!

Samantha from Twisp, WA

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Hi guys! I’ve been to that border crossing ceremony between India and Pakistan that you talked about. Just a correction that it isn’t in Kashmir, it’s in Punjab, a heavily-Sikh area. It was pretty cool sitting on the Indian side in bleachers and shouting at the people watching from the other side, like a sports or WWE event. I’d recommend it if you ever make the trip to India.

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