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The Ugliest Part of Your Body

Sam talks with Carol in this episode, who has been on before, but is now introduced because Sam failed to keep his studio entropically consistent. We talk about Christian fiction! Where it is awesome, where it is terrible, and where it is terriblawesome.



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Aubrey Jackson

Dear Sam, When you mentioned Canada and our Prime Minister and what he said and then you paused, it brought a tear to my eye.  Thank-you.  Often living inside, you never see how people see your country from outside, you brought that to life today.  Our left of Center Left leader is a result of our stint with a right wing leader.  Which means, you may get one too, in four to eight years, reason willing.  But it was a close thing.  There was an anti-Islam streak in that last election and our leader is merely center left, not truly… Read more »

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