Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Differently Flexible

Sam, Dan, and Dave talk yoga, martyrdom, Irish blasphemy, bee stings, and booze.

Meanwhile, our friends at Radio vs. the Martians are inaugurating a new year-end get together with Captain Picard Day, here in Tacoma on Saturday.  Details can be found at their website, but really, just show up at Doyle’s Public House around 2 PM and you’re good to go.   Don’t show up around 2 AM.   It’ll be closed.   And also Sunday.



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¡Best Terrorist!

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Hey Sam, I have wanted to write in for a while now, because I am one of the thousands who listen to you every week.  You put a bee into my bonnet today when I listened to, the first podcast that I listen to if given a choice, your show.  Colony collapse.  It is a myth, but it is a helpful myth.  Let me explain, people get upset at the thought that bees are all dying and they get interested in the environment in a way that all the bats dying and fishing stocks being depleted don’t.   Did you… Read more »

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