Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Mulvey Family Variety Hour

Sam, while in Chicago, talks with Dan Daugherty and Charles Mulvey of Annex Radio about social media, politics, racism, and a little bit of religion.




You keep using the term “Racist Adjacent” for those who are, presumably, not racist themselves but voted for Trump anyway. I would prefer the term “Racist Tolerant” because they are not sufficiently disgusted with racist views. They are willing to tolerate the racists in their families, they social circles, and their government without speaking out.

BTW, love the show. Keep it up.
George from Michigan

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Eva Whitley

If one of the ads you’re being shown is for MeUndies, maybe you should pursue them as advertisers. I know they advertise on the Savage Lovecast. If they were to advertise on AAA, I would definitely toss some $$ their way for some new tighty whities.

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