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Intellectual Bravery, Hunger for Truth

Becky and Bridget welcome newcomer Sean as they discuss heartening news and some disappointing news from Washington State, and answer a listener’s inquiry on humanity’s specialness.




Are human beings special? Are we just animals? Do we have souls? Are we basically good or basically bad, or something else?
Caleb from California

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Johnathan Arriola

Special? Yes.
Animals? Yes.
Souls? No.
Basically good? No.
Basically bad? No.
If I may add questions to these…
Unique? Functionally yes. Statistically no.
Better than other animals? At thinking and making things, yes.
Deserving protection? Yes.
Original sin? That, that is made up.
Invade Iran? What? No.
Destroy the Union? Jibbers crabst. Stop.
Bow down to the Devourer of Worlds, Blade to Sever Life, Destruction Breeder, All Father, The Calamity, Donald J. Trump? …What is wrong with you? No.

This is what it is like talking to some of my highschool mates for me.

Cameron Reilly

Hi Becky and Bridget! Loved the show! Especially as my wife is from Seattle (and I’ve spent a lot of time there). She’s very proud of her home state at the moment (even more than usual). We both live in Australia these days. I wanted to make you aware of a project I’m working on – a secular documentary about the history of Jesus and early Christianity called “Inventing The Messiah”. The plan is to interview a range of scholars, some believers (for balance) and some non-believers, about what we actually know about the first hundred or so years of… Read more »


Hey guys.

Here’s a news story from Australia you might be interested in.

“The strange and odd beliefs of One Nation’s political candidates continue. The party’s Bateman candidate has previously claimed that the gay community covertly uses a Nazi styled mind control program to convince people to support marriage equality.

“Are you wondering why even some Christians are being swayed by the gender industry’s pitch and push 4 same sex ‘marriage’ and acceptance of fake families?” the One Nation candidate asked.”

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