Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Duck, Duck, NOOGE

Sam, Dave, and Tyson delve into fundamentalist child-abusing money launderers, the toning down of rhetoric among Southern Baptists/washed-up rockers/family restaurants/Mac’n’Cheese, and what to do with a president who doesn’t care about people with AIDS.  Or anyone.



What to do when your non religious spouse is still a believer of [BS] other than religion? Like fake medicine/cures… or anything else that is already shown not to be the case.

Matthew from Florida via Facebook

Ketchup on scrambled eggs: gross or disgusting?

Randy from Massachusetts

Sam is correct [that] we pronounce buoying as “boying”. Also I think the plural of Lord Buckethead is ‘Lords Buckethead’ […] like “attorneys general.”

Dean from the U.K. via Facebook

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Chris Bovitz

Your guesses about musical time signatures is a little off. Here’s how to decode them. A little about me: I started playing trumpet in 5th grade, switched to trombone in 7th, played that through 2 years of college, took a 28-year break for life, then restarted last year with a new community band in town. Time signatures are specified with one number over another, like a fraction, but without the vinculum, the line that separates numerator and denominator. (When typing it, a slash is often used to separate the numbers.) Here’s an example: 3 4 This is read “three four”,… Read more »

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