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Sticky and Transparent Circumstances

Sam speaks with guest Faye who recounts the moment that percipitated her departure from high school Mormon seminary class, Dan explains slime eels, Becky verifies that there are ways to be an atheist apart from Humanist, and Colby asks about the Scopes Monkey Trial and offers her perspective on art.



Now, while I haven’t heard all of your podcasts (I am working on it, though) I think you have the impression that (using my terms) that the only type of Atheist is a Humanist-Atheist. I am _not_ a humanist Atheist. Rather I consider myself to be an Objectivist-Atheist. I think you may need to address this oversight, eventually.

Kevin from The Internet

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Ref: the hagfish spill. I heard about the “eel” spill in the news. I immediately knew these were not the elvers, baby eels, like those exported from Maine at around $2000 a pound. I did not know that they were the hagfish of which I have heard. Dan’s information was clear and concise. What I had known about hagfish was so little to what Dan had said. Ref: Objectivist-Atheist. “okay google What the ef is an Objectivist-Atheist” Ref: Pesty protesters. The merchants near me seem to notice leaves on the ground when loiterers gather. The merchants are responsible for keeping… Read more »


Dan and Colby’s insights regarding statues of the people involved in the Scopes Monkey Trials were really interesting and sparked a lot of further thought on my part. Somehow it got me thinking about a completely unrelated question, but still one that I think is worth addressing, although you may have in earlier episodes: what do you think makes creationists threaten nonbelievers? why is violence a common reaction to disagreement?

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