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“After the Gold Rush” and Sci-Fi Optimism

This week Miles Greb joins the gang to talk about “After the Gold Rush,” his sci-fi comic book series. We also talk about science fiction, optimism, suicidal Daleks, and a little bit about how Sam works.

We only did one news story regarding a drowning security robot in Washington D.C.


I am confused [by] “if the earth was closer or further from the sun” that is evidence of god’s existence, or [that maybe] it [leaves the] possibility for god’s existence.
Sam from Facebook

Hi everyone, hoping you are all doing decent. [I’m a] big fan, have listened for over 6 years now.

Growing up in a Christian state I have came arcoss a saying several times and could never find a way around it. What gets me is when people would say “If I am wrong then nothing happens but if I am right then i still go to heaven, but if you are right then you are [correct] but if you are wrong then you go to hell; I would rather be right and go [somewhere] nice than wrong and go somewhere very bad.”

[What’s a polite way to talk to these believers?] Again big listener love the show!!!!!

Kody from Charleston, WV

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Sam Mulvey is a producer and the technical brain behind Ask an Atheist. He is a collector of vinegar varieties, vintage computers, antique radios, and propaganda.

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Kate Nordine Villanueva
Kate Nordine Villanueva
Nonsense. If there is God, then where did life started? There would be no creation if there hasn’t been a creator. Okay, if you are saying that everything has it’s scientific explanation, then tell me, where did science came from? You might say it’s the knowledge and the intellect of a human that explains every natural phenomenon, then where did the intellect of the human came from? Can science explain why among all 8 planets, we are only given one planet to call our home and live life? We can live in some other planet but only the earth was… Read more »
Ryan Tompkins

Eek gad! A should be shazbot escaped around minute 37.