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F@#% Your Rainbow Bridge!

Becky examines how atheists approach the death of animal companions with the help of Nathan and Kristi, but first we chuckle at offensive art and license plates.


Pet Loss Resources


[I buried my] deceased pet rats under bulbs. The daffodils were amazing the next year.

Sharon from Tacoma

It really depends on the kind of bond I had with the animal. Some pets I’ve been really attached to and some I haven’t. I’ll be heartbroken when my [current pet] goes, but unless the others go suddenly, I’ll be sad but not devastated like I’ll be with her. That’s not my atheism, though. I don’t think there’s that much of a difference between atheists and theists where this is concerned. The difference is in what they want to hear – I.e. “She’s in heaven now” vs. “I know it really sucks losing a pet.” I don’t want to hear a lot of flowery nonsense. But that’s just my personality, too, being an Aspie.

Lissa from Tacoma

I am always sad, but it’s part of the life cycle. I have always had a hard time being attached to anything or anyone though. This has nothing to do with my atheism.

Robert from Facebook


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Angela Engelke

George Hrab, an Atheist Skeptic Podcasting Musician has a song, Everything Alive will Die someday.

It’s on YouTube:


I met George last year… Hung out at my friend’s house for a few hours. He did a live show for about 20 people. Wonderful dude.

That’s an amazing song. =)

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