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3 Comments on "Episode 3, "Biblical Contradictions""

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Great show, thanks for all the hard work!

Awesome show, guys. As a long time Atheist Experience viewer, I’m very pleased to see another show done in the same way, and that I am not the only one influenced by it! I’ve watched all the episodes, subscribed to your Youtube channel and will pass the word along to people I know that you guys are also out there. Too bad not many religious callers decided to call in and stand up for the timeless and perfect word of god. I wish more would stand up for what is written if they believe it so. Keep up the good… Read more »
Dan Burke

Nice episode guys…always enjoy those contradictions. Just a gentle reminder to avoid extra noise from tapping the desk with the pen or anything else…that comes through kinda loud when wearing headphones.

Thanks for doing this show!