Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Rocket Season

Sam and Wes welcome newcomer Luke Klue. They explore the wisdom of military parades, flu shots, rocket launches, and Trump’s declaration that we are “a nation of believers.”  Listener feedback includes a call for volunteers to help facilitate atheist study groups in prisons.

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Do Autobots need life or car insurance?  -Matt from Facebook

Is yours the only original program on KTQA? -Ron from Tacoma

I grew in a Catholic Family and was surrounded by religious friends and elders. [Now] I’m an agnostic but looking forward to be a gnostic atheist. How did you convert to atheism? ? -Rex from The Philippines

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Ref the caller with the fear of hell.
Before I was born I had no consciousness. Slowly cells came together until I eventually I had consciousness. I have lived for over 60 years with taking in oxygen and sugars and having being conscious. Right now if I lost oxygen I would go unconscious. If I get oxygen back I will recover and not know what happened during that time. If I do not get oxygen back there will not be a hell or heaven just the lost of consciousness. Fade to black.

Walter larson

i’m an atheist and I think we should teach religion in school. What better way to reach kids with the truth about Religion and the damage it has caused around the world. I Would call the class “The evolution of religion” and go back as far as we can such as polytheism in the ancient Egypt and all the gods. Connect the dots that back then they didn’t understand the universe so they created gods to explain what they didn’t understand. Continue through the evolution of religion to modern times but point out all the atrocities each religion committed as… Read more »

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