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Homeopathic Poop Train

Becky and Luke welcome back water quality expert Eric for Earth Day to take us through the ins and outs of bio-solids, plus an analysis of the weird beliefs behind homeopathic dilution, and what wine Jesus might have enjoyed after water-based transmogrification.



[For Ask An Atheist Day], my atheist and non-atheist friends asked me stuff in jest and in turn I make silly replies. However, one friend did ask honest questions last night and I exposed her to a boat-load of critical thinking stuff…She asked if I had been brought up religious, then, how I changed my mind, if my wife is the same as me (no, she’s Catholic) and if God was our witness at our marriage. I got to say, “Well, if God is omnipresent, he had to have been a witness, right?” […] It was a productive conversation in that we were both civil and I tried not to bog her down into the deeper philosophical arguments we are often exposed to.
Scott from Michigan

[For Ask An Atheist Day],I answered about 5 or 6 really great questions, and all were respectful except one guy who kept pressing and claiming that atheists were all hurtful and egotistical know-it-alls that hate everyone else. The post was readable only to my non-atheist friends, which made sure there wasn’t any snark.
David from Stockton

[For Ask An Atheist Day], someone asked me about being an atheist Sunday school teacher.
Jonathan from the Seattle area

What kind of wine did Jesus turn the water into? White? Red? Could he change the alcohol content?
Meaghann from Texas

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Christopher Ray

I was on the fence about contributing, but after you having a water engineer on talking very intelligently about water/wastewater issues had me hooked. As a 20 year veteran as an environmental engineer. People it should be rather basic that it has to go somewhere when you flush. All water has been somebodies waste at one time now. If homeopathy was true you should be cured of having to pee after drinking tap water. Right? That is their crazy rules.

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