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Becky works on the Ask An Atheist production team, frequently appears on episodes, and lends her voice to commercial announcements. She speaks Spanish, works as an educator in the Seattle-Tacoma area, and sits on the Board of Humanists of Washington.

Ask an Atheist wants YOU! …

by Becky Friedman

…To tell us about your experience as a freethinker outside the United States for our upcoming episode “Godlessness Abroad.”  Do you live in a sectarian nation?  Can atheists in other countries “come out“? Did you struggle to explain your atheism to a host family as an exchange student?  Did you have to practice or learn […]

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Three Ninjas/tangentbot Show this Thursday in Seattle

by Becky Friedman

Three Ninjas (Jason Brunet) and tangentbot (Mathias Purtlebaugh), special guests from this week’s Ask An Atheist episode, have a live show this Thursday, July 21 at 8 PM at Chop Suey in Seattle.  Show your love for these super dope atheist musicians by showing up!  Tickets available for $7 at ticketweb or at the door.  […]

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On Sex.

by Becky Friedman

  In advance of this week’s Ask an Atheist episode on everyone’s most titillating subject, I am joining the blogroll. What do atheism and sex have to do with one another? Nothing. But atheists certainly have lots of varied responses and relationships to sex! Given that the one feature necessarily uniting atheists is a shared […]

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