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Ask an Atheist wants YOU! …

Uncle Sam Atheist…To tell us about your experience as a freethinker outside the United States for our upcoming episode “Godlessness Abroad.”  Do you live in a sectarian nation?  Can atheists in other countries “come out“? Did you struggle to explain your atheism to a host family as an exchange student?  Did you have to practice or learn about religion in your public school?   If you’ve got anecdotes, stories, or comments, there are a few ways you can participate:

  • Call our voicemail line (206) 420-0997 and leave concise message with your anecdote or question, and it might just be played on the air
  • Click that big red candy-like button up top to submit not only your question but also your story of struggle, survival, or hilarity
  • Call in live on August 21st between 3 and 4 pm PDT and gab with me and other guests.
  • Direct others to this post if you think they’d like to participate.


Tell us!  Let’s share and compare!

About the Author: Becky Friedman

Becky works on the Ask An Atheist production team, frequently appears on episodes, and lends her voice to commercial announcements. She speaks Spanish, works as an educator in the Seattle-Tacoma area, and sits on the Board of Humanists of Washington.

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This is more about my experience as an observer among the believers but stay with me. I’m a Brit and an atheist. I believe I’ve been an atheist since before the age of 8 as I have a memory of standing in the morning assembly for prayers at the Church of England primary school I attended. I can remember being surrounded by bowed heads and clasped hands and knowing that I was not one jot a part of any of it. My GF is, on paper at least, a Catholic. But that’s not all of it. She hails from the… Read more »

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