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Important announcements about Ask an Atheist, or other things going on in the Atheism Visibility movement.

Ask An Atheist wins Four SCAN Awards

by Sam Mulvey

As previously posted, Ask an Atheist won four awards at the 2010 SCAN Awards event, held last evening at the Rainer Valley Community Center. The event was attended by a lot of people, including nearly the entire cast and crew of Ask an Atheist.  The event featured musical acts by local talent including: a gospel […]

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"Ask an Atheist" wants to hear from you!

by Mike Gillis

We here at “Ask an Atheist” want to know what you think! 1.) What do you like/dislike about the show? 2.) Are there any host combinations you’d like to see? Any hosts you’d like to see on the show more often? 3.) Any topics you’d like to see us cover, or cover in a new […]

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Episode 2 and 3 Podcasts are coming!

by Sam Mulvey

Hey folks! I’ve been on (a working) vacation the last couple of weeks, and I haven’t had access to the raw media to produce the podcasts.   We’ve fixed that problem, and I’m posting the podcasts as I’m able to process them. Thank you everyone who (kindly) reminded me that the podcasts are an important […]

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Ask an Atheist reruns on SCAN

by Sam Mulvey

In our second season, Ask an Atheist now appears on TV in Seattle twice a week!   In addition to our live Sunday airing, we’ve been picked up for a re-run slot! Re-runs air on SCAN, (check the chart to the left for the channel number) on Mondays at 6PM.   If your schedule precludes […]

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