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Important announcements about Ask an Atheist, or other things going on in the Atheism Visibility movement.

Poll Results: One Through Five

by Sam Mulvey

So, the 2013 listener poll has been over for a couple weeks, and I’ve finished doing what processing of the data we felt necessary– basically removing duplicate entries based on checksums and timestamps.

There was a lot of questions and discussion on the questions, as we expected, so I’ve decided to go over each question, where our thought stand on then, and answer some questions asked in the discussion session.

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NFA 5 Cancelled

by Sam Mulvey

This message came in this morning from the NFA website: Speakers and Registrants: It is with regret that we announce the cancellation of the Northwest Free-thought Alliance Conference scheduled for April 5, 6, and 7 at Portland State University. We are not sure why we didn’t obtain the minimum number of registrations; we’ll be trying […]

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The Winter 2013 Listener Poll

by Sam Mulvey

We’d like to make sure that the changes we have in mind will be positively received by our listeners. To that end, we’ve established a listener poll to help us figure out what people would like to see.

Also, we’re skeptical about the Pope. Or we aren’t. There is contention!

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Where/How to Get Vaxxed!

by Becky Friedman

Children around our state and across the nation aren’t being vaccinated because of parents’ religious beliefs and personal objections. Our immunity helps minimize epidemics in our community! You can easily obtain shots for preventable disease, often at low cost.

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