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Where we discuss our 2013 tour across the country, as it happens.

Day 3: Sacramento Show

by Sam Mulvey

In this installment, I talk about the final booking (but not the final show) of the tour in Oklahoma City.  I also talk about Curt’s comment about the infield fly rule which leads to a few minutes of vaguely incoherent baseball babbling, and about out awesome the people in Sacramento are. It is very late, […]

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Day 2: Eugene to Sacramento

by Sam Mulvey

My brain is melt. I said I wasn’t going to use the cheapie USB headset again, but I lied.   The reasons should be clear once you hear the podcast. Seriously, brain melt.   I didn’t realize “BluePrint” meant, you know, plans for a some engineering project, rather than print that is blue until right now. […]

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Day 1: Tacoma to Eugene

by Sam Mulvey

Tonight, I talk about the drive from Tacoma to Eugene.   Also, since I’m tired and need to wind down, I talk about Dune, prayer, Baseball, driving, and conspiracy theory radio.   Not in that order. Here’s the video that Annique from the Netherlands was talking about in her email. As it happens, the game with […]

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