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Episodes of Ask an Atheist!

Episode 9: Star Trek and Atheism

by casey

[bliptv AYH0wC4A] Fulfilling our destiny, here is Episode 9, wherein Casey Doran and Jerry Schiffelbein show their true colors: command cranberry red. We break down how atheism, humanism and various other isms relate to Star Trek, and it’s dubious grip on a taking any stance firmly without contradiction. TODAY *IS* A GOOD DAY TO DIE!

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Episode 7: Conspiracy Theories

by Sam Mulvey

[bliptv AYHxiG0A] Case and Mike discuss the nature of conspiracy theories, and why most of them fail the test of evidence, with a focus on the TV show “Conspiracy Theory” with Jessie Ventura and a pile of actors-cum-researchers with unknown credentials. Some time is also given to the fading birther theory, and the recent counter […]

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Episode 6: Spiritual is a Nonsense Word

by Sam Mulvey

[bliptv AYHvpisA] Mike and Casey discuss the word spiritualism and its meaning in the context of atheism, with focus on viewer response and the talks of Sam Harris. The posting of this episode marks the launch of the new Ask an Atheist website. We’re still spinning up parts of the site, so please bear with […]

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