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Billy Ray Cyrus – Devil's Plaything

by beth

Billy Ray Cyrus did an interview in December that was published in the February issue of GQ where he comes clean about his feelings regarding his daughter’s show and its effect on their family.  I have no issues with what the guy is saying until we get to the end. Initially Cyrus talks about how […]

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Satanic Beast-Men, the Grain Cartel and the Historicity of Jesus

by Mike Gillis

Mike here. Now, I’m a big fan of fringe types. Sun Myung Moon, Fred Phelps, Emperor Joshua Norton, the Raelians, David Icke, Alex Jones, cult leaders, conspiracy theorists, moon landing deniers, cryptozoologists, Birthers, Truthers, UFO crazies… you name them, I think they’re hilarious and fascinating. I’m also a bit of a politics geek, so when […]

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Thou Shalt Not Replace Us With Your iPhone

by beth

Have you ever wanted to repent, but you just didn’t have time to make it to church?  Wait for it…wait for it…there’s an app for that. HEY-OHHHHH!  This might be old news on the interwebs freeway, but it’s new to me and its very existence tickles me.  I’m also pretty amused by the response from the higher […]

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Yay For (these) Christians!

by beth

Man, you have no idea how much I love saying that. As an atheist who reads a good amount of godless blogs and heathenish news stories in addition to talking to other atheists about a wide range of topics, I hear a lot of crazy bad stuff about religious people and their actions.  I’m not an anti-theist […]

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