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Diamond Deism

by Ask an Atheist

Wes, Meredith, and Becky consider a body-snatching case, how religion can feed violent rage, and blow back atheists receive from protesting governmental religiosity. 2nd segment interview with Sally Hunt of Missouri, who was forcibly removed from a public city meeting after speaking against an “In God We Trust” display.

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Open Letter to Derek Kilmer, WA-6

by Sam Mulvey

Today is Veterans Day here in the U.S., which means (among other things) that I’ll usually get a lot of email from local polticians about supporting veterans.   That poses no problem for me, but one from Derek Kilmer, who represents Congressional District 6 gnawed at me a bit.  The text of his letter his hardly […]

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Sam is Exhausted, Talks About Pierce County Adventures

by Sam Mulvey

KING5 did a follow up story, but got a few things wrong, especially regarding the amendment to the budget preventing this from happening again.  It did not pass.   We’re expecting to see something from the Tacoma News Tribune soon, we’ll see how that goes. Here’s a podcast with an exhausted take on how it went […]

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