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The Backpedaling is Here: No, Really, It Happened!

by Sam Mulvey

Gawker has the beginning of the expected backpedaling.   And the backpedaling is… depressingly unsurprising. As we, most religious people on Earth, and everyone outside of a little multi-million dollar media conglomerate/winnebago borne cult expected, the moment the world was advertised to end came and went with the usual mediocrity. A couple hours later, we […]

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The "Countdown to Backpedaling" Gets Some Press!

by Mike Gillis

  As the crew of “Ask an Atheist” collapses into some well-earned rest, we’re taking a step back and looking at the whirlwind of a week we’ve had. In the final days of Family Radio’s  Rapture-stravaganza, the media started taking a keen interest in the end of the world and our reaction to it Here’s […]

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On Cruelty at the End of the World

by Sam Mulvey

I normally leave the articles on the blog to other, more qualified folks, but I feel compelled to speak up, briefly, about something I read today. This is from an opinion piece at Chicago Now, which appears to be a part of the Chicago Tribune news contraption: As for me,  all this doomsday stuff about […]

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S4E6 Preview

by Sam Mulvey

Mike talks about the responsibilities Harold Camping has to his followers, and how he would feel in the same place on this week’s episode of Ask an Atheist.

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