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PRESS RELEASE: Ask an Atheist Host: "If I were Harold Camping… I'd put a gun in my mouth‏"

by Mike Gillis

  Sunday, May 15 2011 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Mike Gillis producer, Ask an Atheist 1019 Pacific Ave #1716, Tacoma WA 90402 (206) 420-0997   ASK AN ATHEIST HOST: “IF I WERE HAROLD CAMPING…I’D PUT A GUN IN MY MOUTH” TACOMA — While the producers of Tacoma’s “Ask an Atheist” radio show […]

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Announcement: Our End of the World Party

by Sam Mulvey

Countdown to Backpedaling: The End is Nah!   The night that we’re all Left Behind, May 21st, 2011 at 8:00 PM, the producers and crew of Ask An Atheist would love to see you at Dorky’s Arcade in Tacoma. We’re throwing an awesome party in Tacoma’s new retro arcade and bringing in our favorite Seattle […]

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Countdown to Backpedaling – Home Edition!

by Mike Gillis

Good news, everyone! We’re all going to die! Wait, that isn’t good news. If you’ve been following our Countdown to Backpedaling, you know that we’ve been watching the clock on the latest end of the world prediction. Family Radio, a fundamentalist Christian group based in California, has announced that Jesus will return to Earth — […]

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Someone on YouTube had an Idea that I Like!

by Sam Mulvey

What an odd feeling!   YouTube User “SinnFein4ever“1 writes: Do you have pictures on your site, of those pictures that people have sent in, of themselves next to these end-times billboards? To which we2 respond: No, and that would be kind of nice. So, if you have that happening anywhere, that would be pretty cool. […]

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