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I’m a Huge Fan

by Ask an Atheist

Becky asks Dan & Paul a series of pre-exorcism questions. Dan makes “clean” energy understandable, and explains the carbon footprint of having children (or cats). Paul describes his offbeat Easter decorations.

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An Atheist Jew Reflects on the Days of Awe

by Becky Friedman

One of the many times I fell in love with Sam revolved around him being head chef for a 22-person seder hosted in my 800 sq ft apartment, attended by 2 Jews, a hindu, a Morman-Pagan intermarried family, some agnostics and buddhists, lapsed Christians, and a whole mess of other folks whose religious predilections are […]

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Why hello there!

by beth

First of all – Happy Holidays! I love this time of year – especially how accidentally inappropriate the traditional imagery can be. My name is Beth and I’ve been involved with the show for a while behind the scenes, but I’m going to be doing more and more as we make the transition from SCAN […]

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