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The Failures of Faith

by Mike Gillis

We just received the following comment on our Facebook page: I recently read an article on your webpage mentioning “hit-and-run theists” who comment here, and figured I might as well take my shot: Empiricism, the idea on which scientific inquiry is based, suggests that human beings can know the truth, but can never know when […]

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After 100 Episodes, What has "Ask an Atheist" Meant to You?

by Mike Gillis

A couple of weeks ago, Sam reminded me that we were closing in on one hundred episodes of “Ask an Atheist.” It still hasn’t quite set in and become real for me yet. I still haven’t quite grasped that in two years’ time, we’ve interviewed everyone from Sean Faircloth to Greta Christina to James Randi; […]

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The Other A-Word

by Mike Gillis

About a month ago, we asked for listeners to provide us with secular,  non-religious reasons to oppose legalized abortion. We did this for two reasons. First, because we made a similar request last year on the topic of same-sex marriage.  And secondly, our worst kept secret is that we ask because we’re doubtful that you’ll […]

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Compulsory Public Atheism

by Sam Mulvey

This is an open response to an open letter written by Wes.   You can read the full letter here.   Hi, Wes. I think we’ve spoken or at least communicated before. However, you don’t need to establish credentials with us. If you have a disagreement with anyone on the show, you’re encouraged to write […]

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