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Hulk mad! Hulk BASH!!!!

by Dan Lombardo

Recently, a frequent listener of Ask an Atheist gave us some feedback regarding the show’s tendency towards “bashing religion”. The listener stated that if it were their show about their own faith, they’d prefer to tackle philosophical conundrums and historical insights, rather than criticize the faiths of others. Unfortunately, most of atheists’ histories were recorded by the people who persecuted them, and those histories ain’t pretty…

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Counterpoint: It's Not Just Religion

by Sam Mulvey

Before I was an atheist, I was adogmatic. Mike recently wrote an excellent article about why faith doesn’t do the job people think it does.   Mike takes a different approach than I normally would.   I think people like our Facebook friend conflate faith with expectation, which is an etymological rather than cosmological problem, […]

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