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The Front Fell Off

by Becky Friedman

Sam explains the extended gaps between recording sessions and teeth. He and Becky discuss cognitive dissonance, Roman history, dogmatic thought, and data backups as they respond to listener feedback.

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I am King of Tacoma

by Ask an Atheist

Sam relates his experience watching an antifascist soccer protest unfold. Becky and Luke examine the spectrum of Christian and white supremacy. Dan explains hypotheses of how DNA came about. Everybody gets a rant.

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Becky is George

by Ask an Atheist

Ranjan returns after more than a year to yell with Sam about inane politics, the nature of relationships when spouses publicly disagree, and how to measure mass.  Sam asks Ranjan and his partner Myisha about their parenting perspectives regarding religion and authority.

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The Sky Is Penguins

by Ask an Atheist

Becky, Becca, and Dan explain how “natural instincts” are often quite wrong. We dissect some of the devil’s major victories (acronyms) and explore our preference for religious pluralism over religious or atheist supremacy. We welcome guest Luciano Gonzalez of the Latinx Humanist Alliance!

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Floating Frogs, Copper Bracelets, & Quantum

by Ask an Atheist

A previously unaired episode from  “Lost in Diskspace!” of the Gritty Reboot: What is Pseudoscience?  From toxin removal to magnetic bracelets, Dan leads Sam and Becky through understanding why pseudoscientific explanations can be so convincing to even science enthusiasts.  

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