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If You Like Pokemon and Jesus, You'll Love This

I enjoy these kinds of home made parody videos whether I agree with the premise or not.  I guess I just think it’s cool when people make things.  I do wonder, however, with videos like this one and the now internet infamous Baby Got Book – how do religious people feel about these kinds of videos?  Do they like them or do they feel like this kind of religious expression isn’t respectful enough for the subject matter involved?  I hope religious people appreciate these, because there seems to be a lot more DIY religious parodies floating around than anything else (am I wrong?  Have I possibly overlooked a delightful cache of godless parody goodies?  Say it’s so!)  and the one thing that would make these more enjoyable for me is if I actually agreed with the content.  🙁

Thanks Melissa for the heads up!

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Ahhhh, you’re welcome, I totally had to share that with you, but I think I got it from PZ’s blog… so we really should give him the credit for me finding it! 🙂 Glad you giggled as much as I did! 🙂

Matthew Medina

I posted this link to my Facebook page along with a snarky comment and the only Christian I know (one of my wife’s friends) responded that she felt it was in “poor form” for me to take such a cheap shot at these young people’s choice of religious expression, despite her admission of the horrible singing. My feeling on this sort of thing has always been that if you put yourself out there on the internet, you shouldn’t be afraid of humiliation. I would have been no kinder to them had they been making FUN of religion.


As much as I can’t stand the content, I would have to tell them that they got this atheist rolling at the Final Fantasy VII battle scene at the end!
As a first time commenter, I have to say I have loved the show (both t.v. and radio) and I’m happy a local (I’m in Everett) show like this is on.

No Gods, No Masters


Yeah, that was funny. I noticed you mentioned Dan Smith’s brain child “Baby got Book”. When I first saw that video a few years ago I laughed my head off. I also thought it was a good production of a mocking parody. I found out it was Dan Smith and followed links to contact him. I wanted to thank him for making that video for 2 reasons… 1) I’m fond of Sir Mix-a-lot’s old stuff, and 2) I appreciate good humor, especially in a mocking parody way toward religion. – I can’t remember his reply exactly word-for-word, but I was… Read more »

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