Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

I'm not dead! …yet

Beth again.  I knew I said I was going to be updating throughout the day.  But I didn’t.  I will, but right now I’m going to take in some Portland nightlife.

The conference was satisfying, PZ’s talk was really affirming to me as an often less-than-velvet-gloved atheist when it comes to science, creationism, and the comparison and teaching of the two.  To that end, I agreed with most everything he had to say – namely that religious ideas have absolutely no equal footing with science, especially within a science classroom and should be intensely rejected.

Yes!  It’s sad that we even have to make that argument.  Science deals with the natural world, the supernatural by definition has no place within it.

More on that later.  Now – I’m going to get my drink on.

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Bill Boling

I wish I could of gone. Sounds like it a great time.

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