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Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick Talk Venture Brothers and Religion

Here’s an interview I just read on io9 with Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, creators of the Venture Brothers:

Let’s switch gears entirely for a moment. The internet seems obsessed with the religion of fictional characters like superheroes. What religion are the Venture Brothers?

JP: Doc’s an atheist. The boys were probably raised on that “non-practicing-1950s-everyone-in-America-was-that” religion.

DH: They were probably raised on that kind of Methodist-Protestant-Catholic Christianity that makes for good hospitals. In the Venture family, your grandfather is Jonas Venture and your dad is raised on science, so it doesn’t come up a lot.

JP: They do put the baby in the manger on Christmas. Maybe Dean’s religious, but he has a weird understanding of it.

DH: Dean has the Bible on tape as read by Darth Vader.

If you haven’t heard of or seen this cartoon, I highly recommend it.


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