Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

S3E13: Emails … Zombies!?

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Full Title: The Incredibly Strange Emails that Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies?!

In the closing episode of our third season, Beth, Mike and Sam interact via calls and emails.

NOTE: Sorry, no video this time. See our call for contributions for more information.

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Hey before I make assumptions I need to ask– were you guys implying that I compared you to murderers and rapists? Because it sure came off that way. You tied me into extreme vegans/vegetarians and all their stupid arguments saying “I’m not going to have a conversation with somebody who equates me to a murderer because I drank a glass of milk.” You then went on to say “the guys name is Josh” as if I said those things. That aside, the rest of the section dealing with me you kept talking as if I was arguing against meat eating.… Read more »


It seems obvious…ofcourse the ashes of those people will come together like in spiderman. We’re going to have amorphous sand zombies. Jeez.


Hey, welcome back Josh! I need to re-listen to the podcast to be sure, but for now I will say that you probably should stop assuming that this is all about you. 🙂 Thanks for sticking around!


I was hiking and listening to the show last weekend when I came across a tree that had snapped in half and had made a perfect A. If I was superstitious I would have taken this to be a sign. But I am not. It was just a tree. Great show as always guys!


I love having a zombie survival kit in my car! If Half-Life taught me anything it’s that a crow-bar is the perfect zombie killing tool. the kit is really for any type of natural disaster since we pretty much live on an earthquake fault and are on the ring of fire.. but pretending it’s for zombies is just more fun!

and I am with Beth and Sam.. I would be on the dead side, I can’t run, I may be awesome for like 5 minutes, but after that.. I’m a zombie.

Maldoror Maldoror

I wrote that e-mail to you guys in a fit of passion. I couldn’t even tell you which episode it was, but I swear I heard ten or so “patentlys” in a row. I felt it needed to be said.


Dylan from Cambridge

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