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Harbinger Of The Antichrist, Thy Name Is Oprah

From the video:

“The Harlot Babylon is preparing the nations to receive the Antichrist. The Harlot Babylon will be a religion of affirmation, toleration, no absolutes, a counterfeit justice movement. They will feed the poor, have humanitarian projects, inspire acts of compassion for all the wrong reasons. They won’t know it, beloved they will be sincere, many of them, but their sincerity will not in any way lessen the impact of their deception. The fact that they are sincere does not make their deception less damaging. I believe that one of the main pastors, as a forerunner to the Harlot movement, it’s not the Harlot movement yet, is Oprah. She is winsome, she is kind, she is reasonable, she is utterly deceived, utterly deceived. A classy woman, a cool woman, a charming woman, but has a spirit of deception and she is one of the clear pastors, forerunners to the Harlot movement.”

Thanks right!  From God TV, Mike Bickle has sussed out one of the harbingers of the Antichrist, and her name is Oprah.  To many this won’t come as a shock – there have been claims that Oprah is evil for years and years.  In fact, Oprah is one of those rare people who have the potential to bring believers and non-believers together – skeptics dislike her because she promotes pseudoscience and can at times be extremely irresponsible with her endorsements when it comes to issues like the anti-vaccination movement and “bioidentical” hormone replacement therapy.  Many devout religious leaders dislike her because…well, she’s hogging up the attention and has encouraged people to find their own forms of spirituality that work for them.

Say it ain’t so!

But I guess it is.  A common vein among religious anti-Oprahites is the idea that she is obviously a tool of the devil, leading people astray, and she herself probably has no idea this is happening:

It is because of her fame, popularity, influence, money, charisma, and eloquent speech that I consider her foe rather than friend. I believe most people still view her as “the girl next door that made it big,” but she’s much more than that now. She has an award winning show that is viewed by millions daily who hang on her every word and eagerly accept her opinions as gospel truth. Her deception is not overt evil that is easily recognized. She is being used by Satan and probably doesn’t even know it herself. I believe she sincerly thinks that her show is performing a helpful service. Some of you readers may think the same thing. You may argue that she is so likeable and easy to talk to. She is kind, generous, and concerned for mankind. She’s a promoter of goodwill and a friend to everyone including homosexuals. She celebrates liberty and the right for everyone to express their individuality and uniqueness. How can all this be dangerous? Well consider this. The word of God says that Satan transforms himself into an Angel of light.

That’s a little heavy.

Me?  I just want to say – Oprah, you’re a powerful, intelligent, strong woman who needs a right good kick in the ass now and then when you decide to let things you feel like you want to be true overshadow what is scientifically proven to be untrue.  That’s unfortunate, given your position of influence, but it’s not the worst attribute in the world.  You remind me of a kooky aunt who believes in everything new age-y that feels right, from magnet bracelets to spiritual leaders, without really employing that clever brain everyone knows you have to  really investigate what is it you’re getting into.

But Oprah isn’t my kooky aunt, she’s a woman with such a huge following, she makes religious leaders uncomfortable about their own control over their flock.  Which is a pretty intense influential reach, and as such what one endorses or doesn’t endorse ought to be given a lot more care – especially when it comes to doling out medical advice.  However, Oprah has never claimed to be anything more than a lady with a talk show, talking about whatever stuff she likes from day to day, so really – I don’t think any of this makes her strictly evil.  Irresponsible and uninformed perhaps, but not evil.

However, that douchey Dr. Phil guy she single-handedly groomed, promoted and set loose upon the world?

I’m starting to think “harbinger of the Antichrist” might not be too far from the truth.

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This is just too funny. I am not an Oprah fan anyhow, but I can totally agree with you Beth. Anti-Oprah movements can definitely bring together people who normally don’t mesh well.

Dr. Phil is getting there too…

fred jones

So Oprah is the leader of the harlot movement ?
Here I was just thinking she was a stupid bitch happy to promote woo for money.


I hate what this guy is saying, because it comes down to “if someone is good person, they’re probably Satan.”


John – I know! Or rather – if someone is a good person and has a large following and says anything that isn’t in line with what I’m saying – they’re probably Satan. It’s a great indication of just how easily religion can be used to promote and denounce anything and anyone. I am confused by the idea that doing great things doesn’t matter if they’re done “for the wrong reason”. As if feeding hungry children or re-building Haiti can only count as real charity and good will if there is a Jesus gloss slopped over top of it. And… Read more »


If Christians are expecting him to do a bunch of great things, maybe Satan should just go around being an evil douchebag. You have to stay a step ahead of your enemy.

mel from melbourne

weird. how many people have been named as the antichrist now? i have been anmed as the antichrist by some, does that mean i am.

fred jones

Christians are idiots, because their god lets Satan exist (god is defined as all powerful)

Therefore god is evil and the requirement for a Satan is made null and void by this action. they are worshipping evil.


Fred, that is perhaps one of the stupidest comments I have ever seen by someone trying to come across as being intelligent. Very shallow.

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