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Godlessness Abroad

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This week, Becky, Sam and some special guests discuss the concerns and activities of the non-religious outside the United States.

About the Author: Sam Mulvey

Sam Mulvey is a producer and the technical brain behind Ask an Atheist. He is a collector of vinegar varieties, vintage computers, antique radios, and propaganda.

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Jorg-Kare Bjorsvik

Hi I’m an atheist from Norway. I have been an atheist since that one time I went to Sunday school at age 7. Yes, I understood at that early age that the bible was a story book, and I have argued against it ever since. There are a lot of ppl in Norway, that sort of ‘sit on the fence’. They claim to be atheists, but goes to church in weddings,funerals, and confirmations, more like a tradition, than as if they really believe in it. More and more ppl, have confirmations, and baptism outside the church. In a ‘civil’ ceremony.… Read more »

Jorg-Kare Bjorsvik

Oh, and my name on You Tube, are BelieveNoGod.

BTW my favourite atheist you tuber are PhilHellenes, and maybe Darwinsgift ­čÖé


I’m not too far away over in Canada and I feel like an out take from the movie Canadian Bacon. When they’re spreading garbage around, they joke that littering is like to a capital offense in Canada. I go long enough between serious encounters with organized religion that I haven’t become desensitized to seeing pamphlets left on top of the toilet paper holder of a Walmart washroom, the neatly folded sheets of paper slipped into cracks at bus shelters so they sit at around eye level, or elastic bands holding notes to hand rails. They’re abusing the hospitality of many… Read more »

[…] past Sunday, I had the chance to explore the experiences of atheists outside the United States.┬á We heard from David, a professor of American History in Qatar; from Zach, an atheist student who […]


Hi, I live in the Netherlands and just listened to your podcast. In the podcast it is mentioned that the Netherlands has a state religion. This is an error. There is no state religion in the Netherlands. The official state religion (Gereformeerde Kerk) was abolished in 1795 with the founding of the Bataafse Republiek, a sovereign state preceding ┬áthe Netherlands and Belgium. The separation of state and church was not immediate and complete however. Financial ties between the state and religious institutes were officially ended as late as 1983. ┬áRemnants of religious influence on matters of the state remain present… Read more »

Mike Gillis

Thanks for the correction, Hein!

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