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Scripture Says…What? for the Week of January 1st

open bibleThis week’s look at the funny, the scary and just plain weird passages in humanity’s holy texts comes from listener Mark from Kent, WA. This week, we’re steering away from the usual sources like the Bible or the Qur’an and we’re talking about the Raelians.

Wait. Who?

The Raelians are an atheistic, creationist UFO cult. Yeah. The short of it is that they’re essentially intelligent design proponentists, who have substituted a race of aliens that they call the Elohim in place of the standard Abrahamic deity.  So, basically science fiction instead of fantasy.

This is from “The Message Given to Me by Extraterrestrials” (later republished at “Intelligent Design: Message from the Designers”) by Claude Vorilhon, the founder of the Raelians.

Page 105, Chapter 7, Paragraph 2:

My face seems to be in the open air, but really it is protected by an invisible shield composed of repellant rays inside which I breathe different air from you.

So basically, according to the Raelians, we’re all living in a rip off of a Keanu Reeves movie.

If you have a passage of holy scripture that you find funny, scary or just plain weird, send it our way. Whether it’s from the Bible, the Qur’an, the Bhagavad Gita, the Book of Mormon, or even Dianetics, click on the big, red, shiny button at the top of the page and we may even read it on the show!

About the Author: Mike Gillis

Mike Gillis is co-creator, and co-host of Ask an Atheist. He hosts the Radio vs. the Martians! and Mike and Pól Save the Universe! podcasts. He also enjoys comic books, the Planet of the Apes, and the band Queen.

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Mike Nam

I take both Dune and The Lord of the Rings as “scripture”. So, yeah, I’m “platform agnostic”.

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