Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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I’m an atheist, and sorry but I don’t agree with having a National Atheist Party that is political. While atheism is not a religion, it addresses a religious claim, which is why I disagree with having it for the same reason I disagree with having a political Christian party. I know there are Christian parties, but they are unconstitutional. They shouldn’t be there in the first place, because we are not a theocracy, and we have the separation of church, and state. For some atheists to do the same it’s going down to their level, which I don’t think is… Read more »

Mike Gillis

I would like to be clear that “Ask an Atheist” is not endorsing the National Atheist Party. We too share the same hesitation about a political party having an overt religious identity. It isn’t, however, unconstitutional for a Christian political party to organize. Their program, on the other hand, likely would be unconstitutional. We went into this interview with the dread that Troy Boyle was going to bomb. We thought he would prove to be someone who wasn’t competent, wasn’t serious, or hadn’t given the formation of a new political party with a lot of thought. As someone with a… Read more »


Sorry for the delayed response Mike! I wanted to say thank you for clarifying! =)

Tim Gilbery

I have a daughter and a son who were/are in Scouting. I was an Assistant Scoutmaster in my son’s troop and I volunteer in different capacities with the Girl Scouts. While I agree with most of your statements concerning the BSA, you were way off suggesting that the Girl Scouts admit boys. The freedom, confidence, safety, and leadership opportunities that girls and young women get while a Girl Scout would be completely altered if boys were introduced. The GS are almost unique in our society today, providing single sex programs and training. Thanks for the show, I look forward to… Read more »

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