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Octopus Men From Space

This week, we talk about the new pope, and more people having sex with things they shouldn’ta oughta be having sex with.   Libbie, Mike and Sam also talk about news, email, and have a conversation with the organizer of the AtheistHavens sub-reddit.

Nick even stops by to chat about the latest news with Camp Quest Northwest latest news–they’re seeking counselors.

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I wonder if part of the volunteer recruitment problem of Camp Quest in your area is similar to what I’ve found for my regional chapter– the only method to contact anyone via the website does not seem to work– I emailed them last year as well as this year to offer my services, and have yet to hear back from anyone.


All regional CQ organizations are affiliated with Camp Quest, Inc., but operate mostly independently. We’re all guided by the same mission, and a lot of sharing and advising occurs between chapters and from CQ Inc. As far as CQ Northwest goes, there are multiple points of contact: the website, facebook, and through our volunteers page on I can only hope we’ve not missed on recruitment due to communication mishaps; mostly it is a matter of finding adults who are able and willing to spend that week and a half of their time as volunteers, and who are a good… Read more »

Andrew Antaro

Thank you Libbie, Mike and Sam for answering my question. I thought the Logical Fallacy was a False Dichotomy. As Mike Gillis pointed out, this argument is also Poising the Well by framing it as, do you want this totally awesome option or this totally crappy one. So this argument offers two Logical Fallacies for the price one … what a bargain. Another name for this argument could be “Pascal’s Wager II: The Revenge” – This time it’s personal! Thanks for helping me get this self-righteous movie out of my system. At least we have new Doctor Who to look… Read more »

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