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Shelley Segal at Last

in_studio_shelley_segalWe met Shelley Segal in central Washington last summer, and everyone was interested in having her appear on Ask an Atheist.   In that time, she’s made a pretty heavy tour of the US, and we’ve had some difficulties with a local establishment.   Shelley talks with Sam and Becky about this and many other things.

If Sam can get the gear working right, we may even have an in-studio performance.

Thanks for waiting for the episode– given them musical nature, parts of this episode required a little more production than I usually do, and I wanted to make sure I got it right. Additionally, this episode is at a 128k bit rate, rather than our usual 64k.


UPDATE: Here’s a post from Shelley about her time here in Tacoma.

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Shelly album Little March has been on Spotify for at least a few weeks and it’s quite good.


When you mentioned the two groups of atheist responses, i totally expected the second group to be of the aggressive internet troll hatemail writing type.
I guess what really happened there is this behaviour of being overly political correct that’s so common in our times, that even the discriminated forget they are the victims.
Just like (ancient) China, be polite and smile, while being oppressed…


I know what you mean, Shyn. These are the confused folks from free-speech, pluralistic countries who blast others asserting their rights when we publicly draw Mohammed or speak up against illegal or perhaps just douchy actions from religios.

I think they confuse the *right* to hold a belief with respecting the belief itself. No sacred cows!


the thing about judaism been more than a religion its part of the lies of that religion

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