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A Reprieve

Join Sam, Dan, and Becky as we discuss the news and answer some emails, take a break and have some fun after a trying couple of weeks.

UPDATE 1:   We got a request for links about the faith healing story.   This is direct from our show notes:

Faith Healing Still Doesn’t Work

Via: NBC PhillyNY TimesChurch Website


Herbert and Catherine Schaible, fundamentalist, faith healing Christians, were put on probation in 2011 for having a child die of bacterial pneumonia in 2009. Rather than seeking medical treatment, they prayed over him as suggested by the First Century Gospel Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Under the terms of that probation, the couple must seek medical attention for any medical ailment their children may have.

They have now had a second, 8-month old son die of unknown causes. The child was taken to a funeral home by an unknown individual and the undertaker alerted police. An official cause of death is pending an autopsy, according to police.

UPDATE 2: Here are the links to the awesome TED vs. Chopra feud:

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Donovan Willett

Can you post a link to that story with the faith healers? Thanks.

Sam Mulvey

Sure thing.

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